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If I’m honest

A lot of the time it’s me. I’m my own worst enemy. I mess up (like we all do) but when I do, I have a real b*tch for an inner critic. She is mean and ruthless! The worst part is I start to believe her. I get down on myself, my situation, and it snowballs into a bad day, a bad week, a bad month, bad year, a bad life perspective.

“Why do I suck so much? If I wasn’t so horrible, my life would be way better…”


Seriously. If you start to spiral like that, you need to audibly tell yourself to “stop.” Instead, give yourself some grace! That inner voice should be your best friend, not your frienemy. She should lift you up, not pull you down. Why do you let her get away with that? Tell her to “stop.”

If you’re going to get fired up about something, save it for the real fights in our lives, not the ones in our heads. We cannot control the chaos of our next storm, but we can control how we respond and we can train our thoughts to help us instead of hurt us when it really counts.


You hear me say it all the time. Life practice is everything. It’s on-the-spot self-development in all the places where you’re weak. We need to be strong minded for this life and to live in this crazy world.

Choose to rise up from all your destructive beliefs and thoughts. Take comfort knowing that none of us knows what we’re doing. We’re all learning as we go and that’s the important part.

We learn when:

  1. We keep trying
  2. We ask for help
  3. We open our hearts to the perspective of the silver lining

Can you do these things?

I believe in you.

A NEW look at healing

Mind Body Spirit Workbook

We’ve all got our things. Not one of us has a “more valid thing” than anyone else. If it’s stunting your growth or holding you back at all, let’s do the work.

From the stories we tell ourselves, to how we feel in our skin, to how we connect with our maker – healing from the inside out starts here.

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