Let’s be honest.

About Andy

I’m Andy Ptacek, proud wifey to my hunky firefighter for 13 years and mama to a couple crazy boys, Tavin 10 and Grant 7. We live in beautiful Glendale, Arizona in our 1973 fixer-upper on a nice chunk of land where we have big dreams of watching our lives unfold in our finally-forever-home.

Although this all sounds very “white picket fence,” my life started out anything but.

Raised solo by my persevering working mom, I paid for tuition at Arizona State University with settlement money I received from a sexual abuse ruling while working full-time to cover rent and food. Without taking much time to really experience college, I graduated early in 3.5 years with a B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication from the Walter Cronkite School and let’s not forget the minor in Interpersonal Communication so I could effectively pretend not to be an introvert.

As an intern at the local ABC affiliate, I became a Rocky Mountain Emmy nominee, but soon after traded TV for PR as my first “real” job. About halfway through my first pregnancy, I realized that climbing the ladder at a 9-5 wasn’t my dream anymore.

Instead of pitching stories to newspapers, magazines, and TV, I wandered into online marketing and co-founded Liquis Design when websites were built by hand and social media was just being born.

Ten-plus years, a family, and a thriving business later – I got brain cancer.

It rocked everything. First, in a scary way. Then, in a grateful way. Perspective taught me that I wasn’t damaged. This experience grew my self-awareness, my ability to love, my patience, my world view, and my faith.

The old me had grown into something new, something better. I believe we all are capable of this, even without a massively traumatic experience to shake us awake.

Phew! Feeling pretty vulnerable right about now…

Shall we continue? Scroll on, friend.

New Together

If you’re looking for shortcuts or “life hacks,” you came to the wrong place.

But if you’re down to “life practice” with me, let’s stat today.

Get short and sweet practice tips to live your best life, one intentional week at a time.

What’s Next

My book, New Again: Healing Through Perspective, just launched!

It’s a story that intertwines my crazy brain cancer journey with perspectives that helped me grow through the experience.

Each chapter revolves around a theme and take-away to help you navigate this crazy thing called life with a positive purpose.

In this book, I promise unfiltered truth and all the emotions, because those who know me best, know I can’t hold back.

Want to read for yourself?

Click below and let me know what you think when you’re done!

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