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What’s your gift?

Your gift is a special way that only you can help others. It’s a personal strength that puts you in a unique position to accomplish big things when you are brave enough to lean into what you are naturally good at to serve others.

What are you naturally good at?

Whatever comes to mind might not seem big to you, but it is to the world. You, my friend, are special. Sure there are thousands, millions, of other people who can do what you can do, but they can not do it like you.

You are the differentiator.

Sharing your gift is necessary

You have strengths where others are weak.  If you don’t share your gifts, you are rejecting the beautiful potential that was intended just for you to carry out for yourself and others.

Your gift is a responsibility. If you don’t use it everyone misses out, from the lives you could have completely changed to your own personal growth. I like to look at every person as a puzzle piece. If they remove themselves from the puzzle, they can’t give or receive what was meant perfectly for them in the intricacies of life.

As you refine your gifts, you will find yourself in higher and higher positions to share them. Your gifts will provide opportunities that no amount of hustle can touch.

Receiving is just as necessary

To improve your strengths, you must be willing to practice. Practice means learning. Learning means you don’t know everything. Whatever you do, never stop learning so that your gifts can continue to evolve.

Did you notice my face in the picture above? That’s my “techy face.” In our marketing agency, Brad is all the techs – I’m all the feels. He translates “stats and stuff” into audience behavior that I can empathize with to create content that helps our clients connect with their ideal customers.

Together we can yield exceptional results for our clients. Alone, we’re not nearly as good, but we keep learning from each other which helps us grow in our own areas of expertise and thus together. Still, I don’t try to pretend data and numbers are a strength of mine!

To grow into our own purpose and gifts, we must always seek out others who can help us improve. Like a puzzle – we will make something greater than we could imagine, but only if we come together.

Help a friend out

I bet you’ve seen things in others they didn’t recognize in themselves or have the confidence to pursue.

Who can you help recognize or grow into their own gift? Think about someone who has helped you in some way, who has a quality you admire, who is naturally good at something that the majority finds difficult. Tell them and encourage them.

But first

Give yourself permission to explore and take action with your strengths in big ways. Be bold with your gifts.

I believe in you.

A NEW look at personal growth

Mind Body Spirit Workbook

We’ve all got our things. Not one of us has a “more valid thing” than anyone else. If it’s stunting your growth or holding you back at all, let’s do the work.

From the stories we tell ourselves, to how we feel in our skin, to how we connect with our maker – healing from the inside out starts here.

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