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When I was at my lowest

I needed a new perspective to survive.

I needed to see the “glass half full” as they say, but I was far from grateful for my circumstances. In fact, I was mostly angry. But if the pain in my life was going to be worth anything, I needed to find a silver lining.

I found my silver lining in gratitude

At the time, I had just had two brain surgeries so to merely exist, open my eyes, and take a breath each morning was a win. I needed to be grateful for that.

The morning itself was proof of a new day and another chance, I needed to be grateful for that too.

And my people, my loved ones – the ones that I was reaching out of the darkness toward, I was grateful for each and every one of them and their presence in my life.

I realized I had big things to be grateful for – and if felt good. Really good.

So I created a healing habit

I started a new daily practice to reinforce the positive effects this raw gratitude had on my heart things despite the discontent in my life. Every morning, as soon as I realized I was still here, I would say, “Thank you for my life, thank you for this day, thank you for my loved ones.”

That practice eventually turned into a habit and I still say it every morning to this day.

Back then, life was as simple as it was complicated. Yes, my life was a mess, but when you’re in survival mode, you just focus on what’s in front of you at the moment.

Eventually, I needed more

As I healed and my ambitions grew, my practice needed to grow too.

I started journaling in a little pocket journal. Notes to my self, notes to the universe. Basically a lot of processing.

At that time, my friend, Andrea, got heavy into journaling and I could see how it centered her. I watched her discover her identity through her journal and unapologetically let go of the facade that the rest of the word was comfortable with – the old her – and grow into her true authentic self.

I was going through change too, but it wasn’t so graceful. My experience with brain cancer changed me and I was trying to figure out who I was now. I didn’t want to be a “survivor.” I wanted to take my second chance at life and thrive with intention.

Journaling was the intentional practice I needed

It was perfect timing for me because she had just taken everything she loved about her favorite journals, added things she thought were lacking, and created something better than anything out there – a super journal. The best part… the very first prompt is, “Today I  am grateful for ___.”

I was so in. I needed to extend my practice because I wanted more than just a moment of bliss. I wanted gratitude to sink in so deep into my soul on a daily basis that I would become unshakeable for whatever life throws at me. You can’t stop a woman with a full heart, an action plan, and a long list of reasons to love her life. FACT!

My challenge to you is simple

Choose your top three.

What are your most basic, primal sources of gratitude? Write them down. Say them out loud. Meditate on them. Whatever you do, do not forget them.

I believe in you.

Want to be journal twins?

The You Do You Journal

Created by Andrea Robinson, the You Do You Journal is a daily guided journal practice for learning to love yourself through intention and gratitude – helping you to focus on living your best life, the way you were created to be.

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