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It’s inevitable.

You’re going to get to a “good place” and then you’re going to fall.

But don’t fear it. Go as far as to even welcome it because when you get back up, you’ll be stronger, more prepared, and it might even provide that motivation you’ve been looking for.

The important part is that you get back up.

Every time you get back up you’re in practice. We can’t master it all. If we were to master every part of our life, that would mean we have nothing else to learn. We’d have plateaued in life.

I hope you’re not content with stunting your own growth for the sake of ego. If getting back up means asking for help, please, ask. If it means swallowing your pride, take a big gulp. You know what they say, “Pride goes before destruction.”

Falling is part of the game.

Don’t be so hard on yourself! I need to hear this as much as anyone reading. I get it. I get you. We’re both trying to become better and it’s easy to see where we fall short, but sometimes we need to quit looking ahead at how far we need to travel and instead, look back and see how far we’ve come.

You are going to do big things if you’re willing to take big falls.

The important part isn’t that you fell, it’s that you recognized it and kept pressing forward. Let’s get back up together and go for it. We’ve got one life. Let’s live it.

I believe in you.

A NEW look at healing

Mind Body Spirit Workbook

We’ve all got our things. Not one of us has a “more valid thing” than anyone else. If it’s stunting your growth or holding you back at all, let’s do the work.

From the stories we tell ourselves, to how we feel in our skin, to how we connect with our maker – healing from the inside out starts here.

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