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The world wants us to believe that hustle is a positive thing and the faster we get to our destination the better.

I’m not sure I agree.

The journey is what we look back on. The journey helps develop our character! At the end of our lives, will people remember our accolades and worldly successes? No! No one really cares!

Think about the people you know, does it make a difference to you whether or not they got a promotion or an award? You might be happy for them, but their status in the world doesn’t change their status in your heart.

What you really care about is how they make you feel. Its the connection that counts.

Interruptions are the most important part of life.

If our head is always down in our work or up on the clouds dreaming about our own personal gain, we are not in the moment. The best things happen in the moment. We are ALIVE in the moment!

People and situations arise on God’s time, not ours. If we can embrace them instead of become irrupted by them we can turn these moments into significance way beyond what we could ever create ourselves.

Embrace the fullness of life–not just the stuff you planned for.

This is where life happens! This is where we are challenged most. This is where we practice all the uncomfortable things that are meant to grow us into better people.

Only when you slow down, can you be truly intentional about your life and all your interactions. It’s definitely not easy because interruptions are often full of  and difficult situations and people, but the most beautiful things also come from interruptions if we’re open to it.

Slow growth is bigger growth.

Anything in life that comes fast an easy will leave you the same way. If we cut corners and miss the opportunities that “interruptions” create, we aren’t living in the big picture and we aren’t developing perseverance for the long-term.

Your journey is bigger than you. Your accolades are not.

As you practice slowing down, look at all the things that had to line up perfectly for you to get to this point. Some of them might have even seemed like an accident or coincidence! They weren’t. You have arrived at this point in your life on purpose. And for you to continue on your path to becoming, you must realize that there might be a bigger, more significant success in the big picture of your life than that one you’re chasing now.


New Again: Healing Through Perspective

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To be New Again is to realize and embrace that on the other side of trauma or a life-changing event, you will never be the “old” you again. Experiences change us and that’s okay. In fact, it’s incredibly empowering if you choose to see your growth over your pain. Through every disaster, you can emerge new, even better than before.

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