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Look for your trauma

Ugh. I know! The “T” word again! But what if I told you that your life could get exponentially better if you stopped avoiding it and healed it… so the rest of you can heal too?

Where we get stuck

Something that trips us all up when it comes to our overall wellbeing and wellness, is our ability to find renewal after trauma. It’s a journey that takes a lot of inner work and a lot of practice, but along the way we will start to feel better from the inside out.

Trauma is often times the root of so many lingering mental and physical ailments, but we never address the root, only the symptoms.

  • We get on the anxiety medication.
  • We take the supplements.
  • We try all the diets.
  • We pop the pain meds.
  • We get the fancy mattress.
  • We have all the ointments and creams.

But do you know that all of these “solutions” are not solutions at all? They are band-aids. I’m not saying any of these things are “wrong” or “bad,” I partake in many of these things, but if we’re just relying on band-aids, we’ll never truly HEAL.

The thing about too many band-aids overlapping is all it takes is one to fall off to start a chain reaction of some serious issues IF you are not working on the root of the ailment.

Our bodies are a network of amazing systems that work together to keep us alive.

When something goes awry, your body will compensate the health of one area for another more important area for your primal survival.

This un-balance will consequently have negative effects on your overall wellbeing.

Getting out of survival mode

Look at that list of band-aids again. Can you relate to any of them? I bet you can. I also bet you can point to an underlying cause (or root) for them too.

So far, I’ve found that my own roots look a lot like this…

Bandaid « Root Cause

  • Anxiety Medication « PTSD « Body Compensation « Trauma
  • Supplements « Leaky Gut « Body Compensation « Stress « Trauma
  • Diet Changes « Cancer « Immune System Fail « Body Compensation « Stress « Environmental Factors + Trauma
  • Pain Medication « Headaches/body aches « Body Compensation « Stress «Trauma
  • Fancy Mattress « Insomnia « Anxiety « PTSD « Trauma
  • Hair and Skin Ailments « Immune System Fail « Leaky Gut « Body Compensation « Stress «Trauma

The root is often trauma.

Trauma is the result of an experience or series of experiences that leaves behind a lasting negative emotional and even physical reactions… and it comes in all shapes and sizes!

The path to your own root will be different. But knowing what it is… is the first step in changing everything! You will live better when you feel better. Are you up for that?!

IF you are working on your root, a faulty bandaid won’t take you out. In fact, you’ll need less and less bandaids as you go!

To address your root, you have to not only face it, but make a new choice as to how you will use IT, instead if it using YOU.

We can’t always control what happens to us, but we can always control how we respond.

Life Practice

  1. Make a list of current areas of your life that are unwell.
  2. For each item, start writing possible reasons why and see if you can discover a chronological order to your possible trauma root.
  3. Identify the trauma responsible for each area of un-wellness.
  4. Invest in a professional to help you work through your trauma and heal. This might be a talk therapist, an EMDR therapist, a functional medicine doctor, energy work, etc. The conversation might even start with a loved one. Whatever path you choose, please take a step.
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