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Earlier this week I found myself underneath what felt like the whole entire world.

It didn’t happen all at once. It was a gradual weight that eventually got way too heavy for me.

My pre-pubescent sons have been extra emotional as they battle for brotherly dominance and parental independence.

Our home has been undone for years (who buys a fixer-upper anyway?!) and we’ve recently had to play musical bedrooms which has left my husband and I with a mattress on the floor and clothes everywhere.

My husband’s work and class schedules had increased his time away from home.

And to top if off, my own work has been increasingly challenging.

Underneath it all, I had become so depleted that I was not showing up as the wife, mom, daughter, and friend I so desperately want to be.

I felt…. trapped.

Recognize when something is wrong

The signs might be different for you, but for me these were my wake-up calls:

• It was getting harder and harder to get out of bed in the morning for days I already knew would be hard.

• My confidence plummeted personally and professionally.

• I was resisting more than I was welcoming.

• My journaling took a turn… like if someone else read it, they might confuse me with Eeyore.

Create a reset for renewal

There is power in the pause.

I stopped forcing my way though the days and took a personal day. I didn’t leave my house for 36 hours and I made arrangements for the kids to have a sleepover with grandparents.

In this small break without drop offs, meetings, pickups, momming, coaching, errand running, etc… I paused… because I finally could!

• I reached out to my therapist.

• I took a nap.

• I made healthy meals.

• I did breathing exercises.

• I prayed.

And in the midst of my pause, inspiration and purpose started flowing again.

I found clarity underneath all the hats I wear and responsibilities I carry.

When the day was done,  my mindset shifted from constrained to limitless again. I was actually excited for my life again… for the opportunities and the people in it.

You might need a similar reset.

But when you look at your calendar, a personal day might look impossible.

I understand. I looked at my schedule a hundred different ways and had a hundred different reasons why I couldn’t have this day, no matter how badly I needed it.

Until I was finally DONE waking up and living in the same negative cycle that was starting to create a lot of negative outcomes.

Enough is enough.

Take a day if you need it.

The world will still be here when you get back…

And you’ll be ready welcome it.

Join us for RENEWAL DAY!


We can’t expect a new life if we’re living our old ways.

It’s time for a reset. Renewal Day is your chance to learn from those equipped to lead you forward with tangible action and be encouraged in community with like-minded women!

You’ll leave the experience refreshed, recharged, and RENEWED!

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