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1. Know who you are.

To find your people, you’ll have to find yourself first. Because the confidence that comes with knowing (and owning) exactly who you are will be important as you step out into new territory with new people.

If you don’t have a strong sense of self in the following categories, you’ll have a very hard time connecting with others on a deep level:

  • What your values are.
  • What you want for your life.
  • What you stand for and what you don’t. 

2. Go where they are.

Seek out opportunities to surround yourself with people of like-minded values and aspirations – which can also be a catalyst for your own! you’ll find them at places of shared interests such as:

  • Bible studies for people in similar life situations like singles, students, moms, widows, families, etc.
  • Classes, clubs, team or communities that match your main interests like fitness, art, cooking, entrepreneurship, etc.
  • Events for personal, professional, or causes that you care about… and don’t skip out on the downtime/networking opportunities where you can connect with others at the event!

3. Open up and be honest.

Sometimes it takes you opening up first for someone else to feel comfortable enough to reciprocate the realness. Now I’m not saying to let it all out all at once, but start with something that makes sense for the moment or could be helpful to them.

I know it can be scary to go below the surface with others. But if you do, one of three things will happen:

  • They will resonate, love that you opened up and created a safe space for such a meaningful and mutually beneficial dialogue…
  • They will feel special that you let your guard down with them but may need time to let their own guard down with you…
  • Or they will reject the ideals that mean the most to you… which is a-okay because knowing who isn’t your tribe will just make room for who is.

When you can get real about who you are, put yourself in new situations to meet new people, and go deeper than surface level, you’ll find your tribe. Or more accurately, you’ll find each other.


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