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Your existence is a big deal.

I’m not sure if anyone told you this lately, but it’s true. Do you know all the billions of circumstances that had to align perfectly for you to merely exist?

Think about that for a second.

Any “whoops” babies like me out there? Can you imagine all that had to happen the exact way it did for us to be alive today?

Or maybe you were a planned addition to the family. Can you imagine all that had to go perfectly as you started to grow from a few cells into an actual person?

When you take a second to think about that, I hope you can’t help but know in your gut that you are here on purpose.

But *WHY* are we here?

Almost everyone has an opinion on that. Some people don’t even believe there is a real reason… That we’re all just a big cosmic accident. But honestly, I can’t even entertain that. The chain of events that had to happen for us to be here today are too perfectly reliant on each other to just be an accident.

You are not here on accident.

You specifically were made to exist in this time, with your specific gifts, for specific purposes. You were meant to play a role in the big community of the human race. Your existence alone fills a needed void and makes a difference.

Just imagine if you aimed to exist with purpose.

What other differences could you make? That is one-hundred percent up to you!

What would you do if you could do anything?

You’ve just identified a dream to chase.

Why would you want to do that?

You’ve just identified a source of motivation.

How could you contribute to such a dream?

You’ve just identified your personal gifts.

Harness this sh*t!

I’m not saying to follow every shiny idea that comes to mind. I’m saying to do something. Make a choice. Then make the next. That is how you live on purpose.

How do I know if I’m making the right choice?

You can’t ever know for sure. But you do have to feel good about it. And if the risk seems too high that you can’t really decide exactly how you feel, know that just as you are perfectly existing in this exact moment in time with your exact gifts – the choice you make will be accounted for.

The choice you make will be just what the world needed to move forward. If its the right choice and you reap the reward – YAY! If it was the wrong choice and you reap the lesson – YAY!

Notice I said, “lesson,” not, “failure.”

Even when – especially when – things don’t go your way, keep perspective. Use that lesson. You are here on purpose. Keep searching, keep growing, and I promise: You will never waste your days.


PS – Not a random selfie blog image! If you got the New Girls Weekly you’d know the backstory!

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