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Don’t be fooled.

Your purpose isn’t a far-off dream. It’s already in motion! How exciting is that?

My youngest son is proof of this. Just the other day he showed me this list he made. He is legit developing his purpose through goal setting. He doesn’t see the roadblocks or the likelihood of failure. He sees exciting possibilities and THAT IS IT.

But if you’re like most adults, reality keeps you grounded and the idea of developing your purpose seems so far off in the clouds and probably more scary than exciting.

Then there’s the added pressure of people, books, and social media posts telling us to “chase our dreams,” “unleash our potential,” and “go big or go home.”

It can be completely overwhelming.

Don’t over think it.

First off, every single one of us has more than one singular purpose.

Phew! You aren’t meant to live out your entire life for one lonely reason. You have purpose in every phase and stage of your life. If your purpose here was finished, you wouldn’t have woken up today. Take heart knowing there is a new purpose in motion for you!

Secondly, if you’re multi-passionate (raising my hand high!), then it can be hard to weed though the good to find the great.

But don’t give up! Try things. Explore what-ifs. Take safe risks to see how it feels. Then take bold risks to go further.

Don’t wait.

If you’re waiting for the perfect time or some cosmic sign to do this or that, you’ll be waiting forever.

You’ve probably figured out by now that there is never a perfect time for anything. Yet, it always works out just as it should! Today is just as good as any to make a move.

Life is a blip. Yeah, a freaking blip. If you want to do something or change something – you need to get crackin’ because tomorrow is not promised!

You do not need to have all the answers to start living toward your purpose now.

You just need to live on purpose.

Take a look at your day-to-day. Is it filled by other people’s agendas? Is your mind everywhere but the present moment? If so, I’m going to ask you to take a pause. Yes, it’s noble to serve and help and all that good stuff. But remember, this is your life and you only get one.

What a waste it would be to look back on your life and realize that you were just reacting to everybody else’s needs or that you settled for what was expected of you versus the wild thing you wanted to try.

Try the thing!

You don’t have to “go big or go home” here. You don’t even need to know what’s next. You just need to take that small step your heart is screaming for.

Even the smallest acts you put into motion can lead to a truly purposeful life that reflects the desires of your soul.

Life Practice

1. What has been tugging at your heart lately?
2. How can you let your heart lead you in that direction?
3. Take a step… just to see where it leads.

A NEW look at healing

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