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Why do we desire more than we need?

This is a deeply personal question that is mostly swept under the rug, but with the recent coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak, the ugly side of scarcity is now on display.

The comparison game has reached new heights as one person’s anxious overbuying spreads to the next like a virus of its own.

The result is chaos. The ripple effect is awful.

When we take more than we need, we are buying into the lie of scarcity and hurting ourselves in the long run.

There IS enough. There has ALWAYS been enough.

The proportions are just way off. More so in our own country than we’re used to, but not so much when we consider the rest of the world.

Even with bare grocery shelves we have more than most people on this earth. We will be okay.

The problem is not actual physical scarcity.

The real problem lies in the anxieties we take on as a result of fear. Fear of the unknown.

But let me remind you, fear isn’t real. And it certainly doesn’t help to let fear itself, manifest into actions that are not in actual accordance of your well being, or the overall wellbeing of your community.

We can not control the future, but we all play a part. If it’s every person for themselves, there will be less people standing than if we came together responsibly.

And let’s be real, the people at stake here are our elders. Instead of focusing so much on ourselves, let’s focus on them.

When the focus is removed from ourselves, fear fades.

It’s easy to be fearful. It takes no effort. But when we take action and use our own sufficiency to create solutions, we are no longer in that headspace. We are choosing peace and our heart reacts in peace.

If the slower pace of life has got you anxious, address that head on. You finally have the space to do some inner work. You just might come out of this even more sufficient than you came into it.

Life Practice:

  1. Where do your personal sufficiencies lie? Sufficiency can be found not only in possessions, but in our abilities and what we have to offer.
  2. How can you utilize your sufficiencies for your own well being?
  3. How can you put your sufficiencies to work for a greater good?

A NEW look at healing

Mind Body Spirit Workbook

We’ve all got our things. Not one of us has a “more valid thing” than anyone else. If it’s stunting your growth or holding you back at all, let’s do the work.

From the stories we tell ourselves, to how we feel in our skin, to how we connect with our maker – healing from the inside out starts here.

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