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I see you

I know you’re going through something. We all have pain under the smiles. But you aren’t meant to figure it out alone. All of us, even introverts and independent women (both me), are meant to thrive in community.

So I started a Facebook group for us to connect and grow… together

In this group, we know that we are not damaged, but are overcoming. We know this because we woke up today. And because we woke up today, we know our purpose is yet to be fulfilled. It’s a NEW day… and a NEW chance… to live NEW… and BE NEW.

What you can expect from the official New Girls Group


New Girls are not about the old ways of thinking or doing things.

New Girls know that strong women lift each other up.

New Girls know that we need community to grow.

When we are stuck, we have each other. When we celebrate, we have each other!


If you HAVE something inspiring or helpful to share… Let’s hear it! It’s your New Girl duty! On the other hand, if you NEED inspiration or help… Ask your girls! We are here for all of it. Together we are a community and we are all here on purpose. Please share your heart. Please be heard.


To inspire your journey along the way, I will rotate through a mind, body, or spirit theme each month with resources and eventually specialists to go deeper so you can be filled up with meaningful, healing perspectives to heal your WHOLE self.

In between, keep sharing and connecting with the group – that’s the real reason we’re here!


My long term goal for you ladies (I can’t believe I’m putting this in writing!) is to create ReNEWal Retreats around this idea. A complete, mind, body, spirit discovery and practice. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll all make it to Kauai together?!

Let’s renew each other as we renew ourselves.

Let’s be NEW GIRLS.


Community. Encouragement. Inspiration. ReNEWal.

Join the official New Girls group to heal and grow through perspective and life practice.

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