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From the inside out.

I realized that this idea (that has become so second nature to me) is a completely new concept for others. When I talk about “healing through perspective,” I’m simply talking about choosing to heal.

Healing is a decision.

We can wait around passively hoping for someone (or an act of God) to save us, or we can actively choose our path to healing. Choosing to heal is more about how we decide to look at the situation than anything else.

  • Choosing to see the positive over the negative.
  • Choosing to hope over giving in.
  • Choosing to be the victor over the victim.

When I was rock bottom. I made the choice to have faith. Even when all the signs pointed to an early grave, I had to choose to live over and over again.

Though I was choosing life, I sometimes (okay many many times) didn’t believe I would live very long. I didn’t even believe God, the holy spirit I had prayed to since I was a child, was on board with my fight. I got to a point in my faith where I thought God was playing a cruel game. Was my life just a sacrificial ploy?

It wasn’t. For the sake of my mental and physical health, I had to choose to believe that what I had gone through and what I was currently going through was going to equip me for a better future. And because my faith had become so weak, I asked my husband, Bruce, to join me in my decision. We held hands and prayed together on our bed, declaring my intention to live and our belief in God’s GOOD plan for my life – for all our lives. I wasn’t asking anymore. I wasn’t a passenger anymore. I was declaring my healing from the inside and out.

I never said the choice was going to be easy.

It breaks my heart to admit that I was weak in faith, but I think the truth is important. It’s a difficult path to realize you are not in control of what happens to you, but that you are only in control of how you respond to it. And I must emphasize again, respond constantly until you believe your truth and it becomes engraved on your heart.

When your choice is on your heart, you will be open to ideas and beliefs that not only support your choice, but ultimately encourage your path to healing. Roll with them!

Cheers to a new day, friends. Choose it.


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