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Depending on your own age or life experiences, that number could look young or old, exciting or scary, good or bad.

Didn’t we all think 30 was ancient when we were kids? Now look at us. I’m officially “ancient” along with all the rest of you 30-somethings!

This used to get me down. I’d experience the “Birthday Funk.” No need to celebrate me, I’m just over here being old and decrepit.

But my family (especially my youngest son) loves to celebrate birthdays – so why shouldn’t I let them? Why shouldn’t I look at myself with the same excited twinkle my kids have in their eyes when they come to find me first thing in the morning to make sure I remember it’s my big day?

But then there was that time when I didn’t know if I’d have another birthday, or if I only had one or two left. Heck, I still don’t know.

This thought changed my entire perspective on birthdays.

I wanted to experience them all… as many as I can! A birthday means we made it another year. We were gifted another year. I think that’s reason to celebrate.

And even as our bodies change, we can be proud knowing that every sign of age is proof we LIVED.

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