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They’re a mind trap.

Remember when she got that thing you didn’t know you wanted?

Or she was recognized for something you weren’t even trying to achieve yourself?

Did you feel a little bitter, but couldn’t place your finger on exactly why?

What about when she took for herself something that you really wanted and had worked so hard for?

An even harder pill to swallow.

By nature we are competitive. In fact, it’s a survival tactic so if you read the statements above and a face came to mind or a fire came to your gut, you are experiencing a natural primal response.

But we’re not hunters and gatherers anymore.

We must choose to harness this feeling in today’s world if we want to have abundant success, influence, and impact.

We must remind ourselves, over and over again if necessary, that threats like these are not life or death. They are actually nothing more than a negative narrative in your own head.

Put on your positive pants and respond with a new narrative.

The more we acknowledge artificial threats as truth, the more power we give them and before long, things get so dark that we become consumed by our new enemy. So much so that we can even wander off our own amazing path and detour our goals. What a waste!

Choose to see the “truth” differently, knowing deep in your soul that no one can take away what is meant for you.

When we allow false threats to fester, we miss out on three significant truths:

  1. Peace by releasing the burden of angst.
  2. Freedom in finally knowing better.
  3. Community with people you can learn from.

Focus on YOU.

This is still a work in practice for me, not gonna lie. But can I tell you, when I choose to see the successes of others as separate from me – and even celebrate them – I’m liberated to distinguish my own path and define my own dreams in a much bigger way.

It will take commitment and plenty of practice, but choosing where you focus will only help you get there. There will never be a shortage on what is possible if we release the stronghold of these artificial threats.

Rising tides, you know?


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