A New Christmas Advent



Being in daily reflection of God’s perfect gift to us—instead of daily overwhelm for the sake of material gifts and obligations—will change the posture of your heart from panic to peace.

Why the book of Luke?

Having already read Matthew and Mark’s account, Luke gave us a third account with an emphasis on comprehensiveness and order. Therefore, Luke is the most comprehensive gospel.
The Gospel of Luke is also:

  • The most interested in the roles of women, children, and social outcasts than any other gospel.
  • The most interested in prayer with seven different references to Jesus praying only found in this gospel.
  • The most emphasis on the Holy Spirit and joy.
  • The most emphasis (10X more!) on preaching the good news–the gospel.

This Christmas is going to be different.

With the help of this advent, the 24 days leading up to Christmas will be anchored in Jesus, our reason for the season, as we reflect on God’s gift in Him every day.


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