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Have you ever let a challenge or a difficult experience in your life start to define WHO you are and how you see yourself? Our guest today knows a thing or two about that, and she’s now sharing her story in the bestselling book “New Again” in hopes of helping others find new perspective on life, and the inevitable challenges that come with it.

At the peak of the recession, Andy Ptacek co-founded a marketing company. 10 years and a thriving business later, Andy was diagnosed with brain cancer–what her first doctor called “IN-OPERABLE” brain cancer–at just 32 years old with 2 little boys at home.

Understandably, It rocked everything. First, in a scary way. Then, in a grateful way. The journey was agonizing at times, but perspective taught her that she wasn’t damaged. The experience actually grew her self-awareness, her ability to love, her patience, her worldview, and her faith.

The “old Andy” had grown into something new –something better– and she believes we all are capable of this, even without a massively traumatic experience to shake us awake.

In this episode we talk about:

Choosing to pivot and why Andy started a business in the middle of a recession What Andy’s battle with brain cancer taught her about priorities and gratitude Learning to be “new again” after a traumatic experience. Listen here!

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