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I want to ask you a question real quick… how many people do you know could be diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor?  Yet they go on to become a national-level weightlifter, they’re nominated for an Emmy, they’ve written their own book, they are a marketing director at their own business, and on top of all that they are a mother.  Well that is exactly what today’s guest, Andy Ptacek, has accomplished.  Today is unlike any interview I’ve had in the past and that is no knock on any of our previous guests.  This is an episode that is so special for so many different reasons.  If there is an episode where we really talk about how the weight room transcends into the boardroom, life, and how strain can really amplify our ability as people and professionals in a myriad of different ways, this is it.  If you have any questions after this episode, reach out to Andy as she is a tremendous resource.  Enjoy!

Topics Andy and I discuss today:

  • Andy’s introduction
  • The earth-shattering news of receiving word that you have an inoperable brain tumor and how the fear of not being able to raise your own children kicks in
  • The battles along the way after having a brain tumor surgically removed and learning how to overcome this adversity
  • How Andy processed that her life was on a short clock and how her reality became a gift
  • The challenges of continuing to train in weightlifting with a PICC line IV
  • How Andy got to the good place she is in now by using perspective and being so aware of the journey she was on

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