Let’s Bring Christ Back to Christmas.


I hate to admit this, but I have to work really hard at keeping Christmas joyful.

The ONE and ONLY thing that has helped me successfully overcome holiday stress, is fully centering Christmas around Christ.

Being in daily reflection of God’s perfect gift to us – versus daily overwhelm over material gifts and obligations – changes the posture of my heart from panic to peace. I know this advent challenge will do the same for you too!

Join me this December as we read the Book of Luke, a gospel of Jesus’s life, and reflect on God’s gift in Him every day.

How it works.

Each morning leading up to Christmas you’ll receive a text with a link to ground your day in a single chapter of Luke (there are 24 total!) along with a prompt for reflection, journaling, discussion and/or prayer.

Are you ready to have the best Christmas experience yet? Let’s do this!

Join the December Advent

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Why the Book of Luke?

“Luke wrote to a first century world that was burnt out on the ‘if it feels good, do it’ lifestyle; yet people were also offended by most religions. The world then, as today, longs for what Christianity offers: faith founded on fact.” -David Guzik, pastor, Bible teacher, and author of Bible commentary on the widely used Blue Letter Bible app.

Having already read Matthew and Mark’s account, Luke wanted to give a third account with an emphasis on comprehensiveness and order. Therefore, Luke is the most comprehensive gospel.
  • Luke is the most universal gospel.
  • Luke’s gospel is the one most interested in the roles of womenchildren, and social outcasts.
  • The gospel of Luke is the one most interested in prayer. He has seven different references to Jesus praying that are found in this gospel alone.
  • Luke’s gospel is the one with the most emphasis on the Holy Spirit and on joy.
  • Luke’s gospel is the one with the most emphasis on preaching the good news (the gospel). This term is used ten times in this Gospel (and only once in any other Gospel).

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