Awaken To Possibility

Live in your God-aligned potential.

Hi friend!

Are your feelings, thoughts, and actions in alignment with what you really want for your life?

If your answer is “no,” you’re not alone!

That is exactly how I felt before brain cancer.

I was on autopilot. I was a people pleaser. My actions didn’t always reflect what my heart ached for or my head knew I needed.

But when I woke up from a surgery that was supposed to be impossible, I FINALLY realized that I woke up on purpose for purpose… not just after that surgery, but every single day God gives me!

I am alive on purpose… and so are you!

Do you know what that means? It means that because we are on purpose, we have purpose.

And even if the past or the present seems broken, you are not broken. You are simply in transition. You are being prepared for renewal in the places God wants to grow your purpose.

It’s time to wake up the endless possibilities of that God-given purpose…

If you’ll just take the first step… and then the next. I’m here for it!

What’s included
with your personal
coaching package…

8 Private Coaching Sessions

Together, we will work through your personal circumstances, needs, and aspirations. Each session is 60 minutes and will take place over a video Zoom call.


Each session will include a Life Practice assignment to support and reinforce your personal development. Learning new habits to support your goals is developed by doing. I will check in on your progress each week to ensure the success of your desired transformation.

Video Messaging Access

If you need to get in touch about a question, an ah-ha moment, or supplemental support between sessions, you will have access to video message with me via the free MarcoPolo app 2X / week.


–Priority access to future events and retreats.
–Complimentary access to all Renew You Masterminds.


Growth is always uncomfortable, but it’s always worth it.

Over the last year alone I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars, countless hours, and other various resources to grow as a successful coach and individual.

But the return on these investments have been priceless to me. Fully immersing myself in trainings, masterminds, and working with my own personal coach has grown me far beyond what I am capable of alone.

“Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” – Isaiah 43:19

God has prepared you and is making a way for you to realize all He has created you for!

Nothing is impossible for God… He is “making a way in the wilderness.”

And He will ensure your needs are met along the way… “making rivers in the desert.”

This is going to be an epic journey of resilience, recovery, revival, and renewal! It will be my honor to walk with you every step of the way.

Are you ready to wake up to the possibilities of today… and everyday?

I want to be your advocate, friend, and coach in the process of discovering the fruits purposefully intended for only you!

Let’s work together to renew your spark for life… to sow and reap with purpose… to generate a fruitful harvest that nourishes your WHOLE life.

What people are saying.

  • The work and growth that is being done is remarkable. Andy is the real deal. I believe God is healing me through our work together.

    Christine B.
  • I am loving this! It's bringing awareness and action to the areas of life that need a breath of fresh air.

    Joanna E.
  • "The greatest value was having Andy's encouragement and guidance during a time of stepping outside my comfort zone to go farther than I’ve been able to go before. After each session I felt energized and motivated. Her light and encouragement is so pure and loving."

    Melissa A.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If at the end of 8 sessions, you do not feel you have the tools or insights necessary to live more intentionally and purposefully in alignment with your goals, we will refund your investment. This requires 100% attendance at all 8 meetings and 100% completed Life Practice assignments.


About Andy Ptacek, CLC

Andy is a best selling author, entrepreneur of 13+ years, national speaker, community builder, experience creator, and Certified Christian Life Coach helping women break free from autopilot so they can confidently step into a purposeful, God-aligned life!

Growing up, Andy’s parents divorced at a young age and moved to different states. Her single mom raised her up on Top Ramen and lots of love, but unbeknownst to everyone, she experienced re-occuring sexual abuse at day care.

Andy would eventually graduate from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and Mass Communication and a Minor in Interpersonal Communication. She went on to receive a Rocky Mountain Emmy nomination as a producer at ABC 15 and even worked in PR with local and national clients. As her family started to grow, Andy left the corporate world and co-founded Liquis Digital in 2008.

After her brain cancer diagnosis in 2015, Andy persevered though the odds and competed nationally in olympic weightlifting for two years. She then went on to write a best selling memoir, became a Christian youth coach, and a Certified Christian Life Coach for adults.

Are you ready to live on purpose?

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