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SEGMENT DATE: Monday, April 29

SEGMENT TIME:  11:20am


Valley Mom Says ‘Brain Cancer Made Me Better’

Andy Ptacek, 35yo Mom, wife, co-founder Valley business diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, found hope and a new life.

Here to share her support for the upcoming Beer for Brains Epicuriad Food, Craft Beer & Wine Pairings Fundraiser for brain cancer. A showcase of Valley chefs crafting gourmet food paired with craft beer and wine to compete for the Gold!


  1. 35, married 13-years to Valley firefighter, mom of two boys 10 & 7, CrossFit lover, co-founder of Liquis Design, web design and marketing company. Diagnosed in 2015 with an inoperable brain tumor.
  2. Andy’s mom encouraged her to get a second opinion at Barrow. She spoke toDr. Sanai, Director of Neurosurgical Oncology and Director of the Ivy Brain Tumor Center at Barrow Neurological Institute who looked at her scans and assured her he could successfully remove it. He said, “I know I can help you and you are going to live a long, full life.”
  3. Created a life legacy through her faith and experiencing the mental aftermath of practicing intention and perspective which has changed her. She created

Brain cancer made me better.

I once was damaged.

Now I am new.

The girl I used to be is yesterday.

I am today – And today is new.


  1. Her tumor was successfully removed. IF it returns, she knows she has the BEST team by her side. Funds for research and clinical trials are criticalto help patients live. Ivy Brain Tumor Center, Barrow Neurological Institute is the best in the country and is one of 32 clinics who participate in the Brain Tumor Trials Collaborative. Come to the event this Saturday, have fun and support the cause!

Event website


  1. Hear from a Valley wife and mom who lived when diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor.
  2. Hear from a Valley Mom who says Brain Cancer Made Me Better and the legacy she is now leaving.


Andy Ptacek, co-founder Liquis Design and @andythenewgirl Instagram


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