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“The work and growth that is being done is remarkable. Andy is the real deal. I believe God is healing me through our work together.

–Christine B.
Bethel, CT

“I am loving this! It’s bringing awareness and action to the areas of life that need a breath of fresh air.”
–Joanna E.
Surprise, AZ

“After three sessions I was already feeling so much better. I was able to take action on a SMART goal that we picked together and after I did that, the “flow” started to return again and I’m getting back on track toward where I want to be!”
–Melissa A.
Anaheim, CA

“Andy is a genuine kind, faith-filled warrior who I am grateful to work with. I would be overjoyed to continue working with Andy in other new ways to get to know her insights even better.”

–Tierney S.
Peoria, AZ

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