Bringing ambitious women together to realize their potential with group lessons, support, and accountability!

Our next mastermind is happening OCTOBER 2021!

Join me and your soon-to-be soul sisters for a faith-based, month long progression of mindset work, life practice, and accountability.

What’s a mastermind?

A mastermind is a group designed to help you navigate though challenges and toward aspirations using the collective intelligence of others.

Members gather to learn, share ideas, create strategies, and take tangible steps for the purpose of inspiring opportunities and building upon each other’s success.

Think of masterminds as a structured “think tank” that combines learning, networking, brainstorming, and supportive camaraderie.




What To Expect

In 30 days you will…

Fill your cup, align your aspirations, shift your mindset, and grow the grit necessary to keep going.


Valuable content and accountability that will help you navigate the path toward your aspirations.


Support in the individual strengths and experiences of your fellow mastermind members.


With fellow mastermind members LIVE in our weekly calls and also between meetings via our exclusive video messaging app for extra support.

What are your goals and aspirations?

Could the support of an invested community help YOU move forward?


I know it can be scary to stretch outside of your comfort zone.

But it’s so necessary to unlock the possibilities that lead to our full potential.

Over the last year alone I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars, countless hours, and other various resources to grow as a successful coach and individual – but the return on these investments have been priceless to me.

Fully immersing myself in trainings, masterminds, and working with my own personal coach has grown me far beyond what I am capable of alone.

And I can tell you from experience, leaving your comfort zone is less scary with the support of a coach to walk you through it.

Mastermind Topics

Week 1

Make Space

Do and live your best by operating in “overflow.”

Week 2

Aspiration Alignment

Taking action in accordance with our aspirations.

Week 3

Mindset Shift

Winning the battle in your mind with rewired root beliefs.

Week 4

Keep Going

Harnessing the power of grit to keep the to keep the momentum going.

Between Sessions


✦ 1-on-1 clarity call with Andy to discover alignment and purpose so you can move forward with confidence.

✦ Access to session replays in case you miss anything or want refreshment on a particular topic.

✦ Downloadable resources and materials from each session.

✦ Lifetime access to all future Renew You Masterminds to continually connect with new women and expand your growth in new seasons of life.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If at the end of this month-long mastermind you do not feel you have the understanding and support necessary to live more intentionally and purposefully in alignment with your goals, we will refund your investment. This requires attendance at all 3 of 4 meetings and 100% completed Life Practice assignments.

What people are saying.

  • I am loving the mastermind! It's bringing awareness and action to the areas of life that need a breath of fresh air.

    Joanna E.
  • Even though we are on different paths or different phases of life, when you collaborate you gain a perspective and clarity that you didn't see before. It's so good to have people around you who also want to grow and find solutions. The experience personally helped me give myself permission and validation over my goals and a road map to get there.

    Simona P.
  • The mastermind helped me break things down instead of looking at the big overwhelming circumstances in my life. It also helps when others keep you accountable and keeping in the habit of doing the things you need to do to re-orient. The mastermind was extremely helpful.

    Michele W.

Hear what a couple of our mastermind alumni have to say about their experience…


About Andy Ptacek, CLC

Andy is a best selling author, entrepreneur of 13+ years, national speaker, community builder, experience creator, and Certified Christian Life Coach helping women break free from autopilot so they can confidently step into a purposeful, God-aligned life!

Growing up, Andy’s parents divorced at a young age and moved to different states. Her single mom raised her up on Top Ramen and lots of love, but unbeknownst to everyone, she experienced re-occuring sexual abuse at day care.

Andy would eventually graduate from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and Mass Communication and a Minor in Interpersonal Communication. She went on to receive a Rocky Mountain Emmy nomination as a producer at ABC 15 and even worked in PR with local and national clients. As her family started to grow, Andy left the corporate world and co-founded Liquis Digital in 2008.

After her brain cancer diagnosis in 2015, Andy persevered though the odds and competed nationally in olympic weightlifting for two years. She then went on to write a best selling memoir, became a Christian youth coach, and a Certified Christian Life Coach for adults.

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